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Bamburgh Castle is situated on a volcanic outcrop bordering the North Sea. The attraction comprises 14 castle rooms, grounds and battlements, the Armstrong and Aviation Artefacts Museum, the Clock Tower tearooms, stables and toilet facilities.

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Getting Here

It is 78 miles from Edinburgh and 51 miles from Newcastle. The nearest train station is Berwick-Upon-Tweed, 21 miles away and the village is serviced by buses from both Berwick and Newcastle.

Train to Berwick-Upon-Tweed:

By bus from Berwick and Newcastle:

Tel: 0871 200 22 33 Service 501/505

Tel: 01665 720 955 Service 411

Local Taxis:

Parks Taxis (Minibus) Tel: 01665 720542 07739 802250

Border Cabs (Cars) Tel: 07769 515915

J.T. Private Hire (Wheelchair Access) Tel: 01668 219 267

Hunters Taxis (Cars/Minibus) Tel: 01665 720400

Signs & Way Marks

External door signs are white on a grey background. External directional signs are white on a blue background with directional arrows where applicable. External location signage is white on grey background. Statutory signage is white on blue background. Internal directional signage is blue on a white background with directional arrows where applicable.

Parking Facilities

We have a shuttle buggy that will take you up the hill to the heart of the castle, bringing you back to your car after your visit. Please speak to the car park attendant on arrival.

Ticket Office

The ticket office is fitted with an induction loop with prices displayed in a large font. It is accessible by wheelchair and motorised chair and is fitted with a low counter. A wheelchair is available for visitors to use.

Main Entrance

The main entrance to the staterooms is not accessible by wheelchair due to the width of the medieval doorway. A separate entrance 10 metres before the main entrance provides access to the building and inside of the main entrance point.

Castle Rooms

The first five castle rooms are accessible by wheelchair with a ramp (1:6) leading into the Kings Hall. For those visitors that have some independence from the wheelchair it may be possible to access further areas of the castle however, wheelchairs, walking aids and crutches are not allowed beyond The King’s Hall due to health and safety reasons. All areas of the castle, with the exception of the dungeon are well lit.

From the Kings Hall to the Cross Hall and Cross Hall Porch, 3 steps each with a rise of 19cm. Hand rails to both sides 92cm apart. From the Cross Hall Porch to the Captains Landing, 6 steps each with a rise of 11cm. Hand rail to right hand side only. This gives you access to the Billiard Room and Faire Chamber.

From Faire Chamber passage to Armoury in the Keep, 14 steps each with a rise of 17cm. Hand rails to both sides 72cm apart. Gives you access to the Armoury and Court Room situated in the Keep.
Descending from the Court Room to the Keep Hall 28 steps each with a fall of 17cm. Hand rails both sides 72cm apart.

Descending from the Keep Hall to the Bake House passage there are a total of 16 steps, broken by two landings. Each with a fall of 17cm interrupted handrails to both sides. One small step of 9cm rise leads to the Bake House off the passage.

Bake House Passage to Scullery, 2 steps 13cm and 9cm rises respectively. No hand rails. The Gift Shop is situated at this level. From the Dungeon passage down into the dungeon are 2 steps with 17cm falls, hand rails to both sides 72cm apart and 3 to exit with 17cm rises, hand rails to both sides. There is a low ceiling in the dungeon and low light levels.

On exiting the castle there are 11 steps with 19cm rises. Hand rails to both sides 72cm apart. Surfaces throughout the castle rooms are either wooden floors or smooth stone flags.


We offer touch tours to our visitors who are visually impaired. Please contact us in advance and we can arrange for a Guide to meet you. Either contact us via email or call us on 01668 214208.

Situated in the Crewe Entrance (designated area for visitors with limited mobility) an audio-visual presentation continues the tour of the house for those who are un-able to continue  (this lasts for approx 20 minutes). Presented by two of the castle guides it passes through the remaining rooms and ends in the Archaeological Room with a presentation by one of the directors of the Bamburgh Research Project.

Accessible Facilities

There are two wheelchair accessible toilets in the grounds. One is located between the Crewe Museum and the First Small Room in the main castle buildings. The Second is located adjacent to the main toilet facilities in the stable block; this area is also equipped with a baby changing unit. Both are fitted with alarms.

Gift Shop

Situated below ground level the shop is currently inaccessible to wheelchairs. The ticket office will carry a selection of branded and locally produced gifts. The counter is fitted with a hearing loop and the shop is well lit with a mixture of natural and fluorescent lighting. Prices are a mix of large font type on white card and traditional price labels. Staff are always on hand to answer questions.

Clock Tower Cafe

Housed in the old Castle library the tea room is inaccessible to wheelchairs. There are 22 steps up to the cafeteria in sets of 11, 1 and ten each with a rise of 15cm. The Tack Room is available in the stable yard exclusively for the use of those visitors unable to access the cafeteria. Large print format menus are available with additional information provided on traditional ‘chalk boards’.

The Grounds and Battlements

The Battery Terrace (where the cannons are) is accessible by steps only. At the lower end there are nine wide steps with no handrail. At the upper end there are twelve steps down to the terrace all with 15cm risers. Whilst there are no handrails there are railings to one side. Access to the upper battlements is via steps at either end, at the south end there are 19 steps each with a 15cm rise and no hand rail. At the northern end (Next to Telescope) there are 24 steps all with a 15cm rise and no handrail. There are two steps to access the telescope both with a 15cm rise. The south terrace overlooking the Farne Islands can be accessed by following the path behind the chapel. There is a tarmac path to the west ward where the archaeology takes place and where the Armstrong and Aviation Museum is located. This path is steep and wheelchair users would need assistance to ascend. The Museum has a 77cm door frame.

Emergency Procedures

The public areas are equipped with Fire Alarm sounders. When they are activated, castle staff implements an evacuation procedure ensuring that those that need support are given it and that the building is clear before the fire services arrive.

Future Plans

Further handrails will be fitted to those areas that do not already have them. An interpretation project will be implemented to ensure that all current and future interpretation will meet at least the basic requirements.


We value your feedback and hope to make your visit to Bamburgh welcoming and enjoying to all visitors. Should you have any feedback on either this statement or any other aspect of visiting Bamburgh Castle then please contact Visitor Services Manager James Boyd.

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Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh Northumberland NE69 7DF Email: Telephone: 01668 214 208

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