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Bamburgh Heritage Trust

The Bamburgh Heritage Trust work to conserve the heritage, artefacts, history and traditions of Bamburgh and the local area.

The Heritage Trust is a not-for-profit organisation. It forms partnerships with local community groups to preserve our beautiful area and make sure it can be enjoyed by visitors for years to come. By doing this, they regenerate the area, attract visitors and create jobs for local people.

The Bamburgh Research Project carries out archaeological digs that everyone can get involved in! Visit their website to find out when the next one takes place.

Bamburgh Heritage Trust has recently been working with the Bamburgh Research Project with an eye to creating a new visitor attraction in Bamburgh Village. We plan to open the crypt at St Aidan’s Church and create a display that tells the story of some of the earliest Christians in the region, using the evidence from the Bowl Hole excavation.

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