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At any time of the year, the wildlife is spectacular on this part of the coast, especially around Bamburgh. The natural heritage is every bit as magnificent as the rest of the area.

On a clear day you can stand on the coast and see out to the Farne Islands, where seal pups and puffins are often observed. The puffin, known locally as the ‘Tommy Noddy’, is arguably Britain’s favourite seabird. You can visit the Farne Islands to get the best view of them in the summer by taking a boat trip from Seahouses harbour. Check here for more info.

The sea is home to seals and harbour porpoises. Seeing these is a real treat and an unforgettable experience.

During the winter, nearby locations such as Budle Bay and Lindisfarne provide a haven for visiting species such as Golden Plovers and geese in their thousands. The sea and sandflats are a favourite for divers, waders and sea duck.

Bamburgh Castle’s feisty fulmars

Fulmars have nested on the battlements and ledges of Bamburgh Castle for centuries. This remarkable seabird, a close relative of the endangered Albatross, spends most of its year way out to sea but returns in the spring to breed and raise its young here during the summer. Castle staff often come to rescue chicks that have landed on the flat roofs and are unable to take off un-aided. In earlier times, before the birds were protected by law, men would scale the steep cliffs with ropes to take the eggs and birds for food.

The castle and its surroundings provide a home to some more familiar birds such as the Jackdaw, Pied Wagtail and the beautiful Kestrel, who often hunt above the dunes.

Around the Bamburgh coast you can expect to see four species of tern: Arctic, Sandwich, Common and the very rare Roseate. These birds are known to nest sometimes just inches away from the visitor paths.

Gannets patrol the coast and are the most commonly seen. In winter you can spot flocks of waders like tiny Sanderling, Knot and Dunlin as well as the stunning Hen Harrier.

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