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Bamburgh on the Box (And big Screen!)

Bamburgh Castle - Friday, January 13, 2017

2016 proved to be another great year for the castle on the tele with one appearance on the big screen and filming for another one in the ‘can’. The number of times the BBC has been here, you’d think we had shares! We started the year with a pilot for CBBC called Extreme Sleepovers, a bunch of teenage girls completing tasks to get food and a place to sleep! They got the Keep and I’m pleased my apartment is at the other end of the castle, as reports of the squeals and giggles went on until the early hours. BBC Sport were down on castle green covering the Junior aspect of the Bamburgh Tri-Athlon and showing alongside a World Cup event running in Canada, so a great worldwide audience. Talking of Worldwide, the BBC Worldwide service were here filming in the dunes, working on a documentary about Mary Queen of Scots to be shown in Spain. There was also a brief appearance in Springwatch when guess who? Filmed from the Stag Rocks at the end of the beach, as it was too rough to go out in a boat to the Farne Islands that day. The big one of the year for the BBC was Countryfile Christmas Special with massive viewing figures this was a great project to be involved in.

BCC Countryfile

We do give others a chance as well! Channel Four were here filming Coast V Country with a couple deciding where they would like to live the coast or the coastor there’s always the coast! And in much the same vein was Escape to the Country who covered us as their little interesting interlude in the programme…..oh that’s the BBC again isn’t it?

Channel 4 - Coast v Country

From overseas we had a Japanese production team doing their version of Who do you think you are, bizarrely they don’t bring the people over they just sit in a studio and get shown the footage, so no stars to meet. Perhaps the most extreme thing we hosted this year was a Frenchman who makes a living jumping off things! So he came and jumped off our clock tower with two of his friends all filmed for the GoPro channel.

More local was George Bond from Behind Closed Doors filmed for Made in Tyne and Wear and Barbour were here to do photo shoot on the beach with the castle as a backdrop.

Finally the mahoosive project of the year was filming for Transformers 5, The Last Night. Such a huge project that we agreed to close the castle for a few days in September. We got to meet Sir Anthony Hopkins and sit on the couch and chat with him, what an awesome bloke. The ladies were of course more than pleased to make the acquaintance of Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock brought some real glamour to the set.

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Did you see the BFG? Well if you didn’t blink to much you may have seen us the giant legged it home and the wave washed away his footprint, as always great to be a part of these projects.


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