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Ghostly Guided Tours

Bamburgh Castle - Friday, October 19, 2018

We have never really talked about our more 'unusual' visitors and we tend keep our experiences to ourselves. We are frequently asked whether the castle is haunted, which, of course, it is. Some of our guides who have worked here for decades have seen, felt and experienced lots of unexplained activity. If you want to hear of their experiences first hand you can do so from tomorrow (Saturday 20th October until Saturday 3rd November) these tours are for a limited period only and will be available every day at 12 o'clock and 4pm between these dates. Spaces are limited on the tours so you will need to register when you arrive and it is included in your admission price. We can't guarantee that there will be space for you, but, if you are lucky enough to join us we can pretty much guarantee that you will feel the odd shiver and a hair or two may be raised on the back of your neck. Flat shoes are recommended.  


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