Enter the vast citadel and you’ll be taken aback by the size and scale of the castle, its many buildings and well-kept grounds.

Lord Armstrong oversaw the restoration of the castle and ensured everything was in keeping with grandeur and wealth of the 19th

We cater for all our guests, with a picnic area in the West Ward and refreshments and hot food available in the Clock Tower Tea Rooms. We specialise in local produce, a range of delicious home cooked meals and light snacks.

As you walk this magnificent fortress you’ll be astounded by the impressive archways, overbearing buildings and cannons. It’s easy to imagine the years of history playing out here.

And if that’s not enough, enjoy the stunning views out to sea or inland to the Cheviots from the heart of Northumberland's Coastal Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. All in all, it makes for an impressive backdrop that has been the setting of many UK TV shows as well as Hollywood films.

They shall be flying with musical speeches
High overhead in the tops of the beeches
In spite of our wisdom and sensible talking
We on our feet must go plodding and walking

Will Watson Armstrong, 1900

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