State Rooms

There are fourteen rooms open to visitors with adjoining stairwells, corridors and passageways. From the re-modelled Great Kitchen follow the tour and discover the splendour of the Kings Hall the intriguing stonework of the Keep Hall that supports the imposing Norman tower. As you move on you’ll find Victorian ‘downstairs’ areas, including storage areas, bakery and scullery. The tour ends in the Archaeology and Games room, once the staff dining room now displaying the finds from years of archaeological excavation and a range of interactive games and puzzles. Please be aware we do not allow commercial photography in the State Rooms.

Throughout the tour you’ll discover over three thousand items including paintings by past masters, furniture from the 15th century onwards, weapons and armour and an extensive collection of china and porcelain. Everything in the castle belongs or belonged to the present or past occupiers a unique record of past lives and lifestyles. 

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