Drone filming at Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle is proudly one of Great Britain’s most iconic landmarks and one of its most photographed.

We love to see people sharing their superb images of Bamburgh Castle on print, digital and on social media, but ask that you adhere to our drone policy.

Bamburgh Castle sits partly within a designated Natural England Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI for its unique natural habitat.)

It is illegal to fly a drone over the Bamburgh SSSI without prior permission from Natural England and Bamburgh Castle Estate as the landowner. This is to avoid disturbance to wildlife that shelters, feeds and breeds in this unique landscape.

Previous issues with illegal drones flying close to windows and over the castle has put members of the public, our staff and residents at risk of danger and is also an infringement of privacy to our private residents. Drones have crashed into the castle building itself, causing damage to our unique building structure, not to mention causing costly and irreparable damage to the drones themselves.

Drone pilots must apply to Bamburgh Castle Estates for permission to fly a drone over Bamburgh Beach and coastline, Bamburgh Castle and the surrounding land to the north, south and west of the castle, Bamburgh Green, Bamburgh Grove and Bamburgh Moor. Only in exceptional circumstances will permission be granted.

Picture credits: Hannes Becker by permission of Bamburgh Castle Estate and Natural England

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