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buildingArmstrong owned Jesmond Dene House in Newcastle where he lived with his wife Margaret.

Armstrong donated vast sums of money to libraries, museums and the building of hospitals including the new Royal Victoria lnfirmary, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In 1883 he donated Jesmond Dene to the people of the City of Newcastle with its house, banqueting hall, Armstrong Bridge and Armstrong Park.

Armstrong bought some land in a steep sided valley near Rothbury in 1863. He built an impressive new house facing the Debdon Burn to take in his love of water. Calling his home Cragside, the estate covered 1,729 acres of land. Here, Armstrong planted millions of trees, installed five artificial lakes and 31 miles of carriage drives.

Armstrong founded the University of Newcastle in 1871.

Bamburgh CastleArmstrong's last project was the purchase of Bamburgh Castle for £60,000 in 1894 to restore as a convalescent home for retired gentlemen. He spent over one million pounds on the restoration but he was to die before he saw his dream completed.

On 27th December 1900 Lord Armstrong died at Cragside aged 90. At the time of his death he had 25,000 employees on his payroll.

Armstrong and his wife Margaret had no children. His heir became his great nephew William Watson Armstrong. William decided to keep Bamburgh as a family home. But respecting his great uncle's wishes William built Armstrong House in the village which still serves as a home for retired people today.





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