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Green Jane

Taking her name from the striking emerald green cloak she wore wrapped about her, Green Jane was sent by her starving family to beg for food at the castle.

Green JaneApproaching the fortified entrance via the perilously steep Miller's Nick with her baby clutched to her chest, Jane's pleas were met with jeers from the waiting guards who turned her away. Whether she stumbled weakened by lack of food or was pushed, Jane fell down the stone steps to her death along with the baby she carried in her arms.

There have been sightings of a young woman carrying a bundle walking down the steep steps close to the Clock Tower. She is seen to stumble and cry out before falling down the narrow stairs. When people have rushed to her aid neither she nor the bundle she was holding can be found. The cries of a baby can also be heard in the castle even in parts that are empty.


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