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The Pink Lady

Bamburgh Castle's Most Infamous Ghost

Centuries ago a stunningly beautiful Northumbrian princess lived at the Castle. But she was left broken hearted after her father, disapproving of the boy she loved, sent her suitor overseas for seven years.

Bamburgh CastleHoping to quell his daughter's passion, the King forbade any contact between the pair. But with each passing day the princess grew more and more depressed. In a final attempt to dissuade her love, the King told the princess his spies had reported her betrothed had married someone else. Hoping to bring the poor girl out of the melancholy his news had wrought, the King ordered the castle's seamstress to make his daughter a fine new dress in her favourite colour - pink. Upon the final fitting the distraught princess, shrouded in the beautiful pink gown, climbed the stairway to the castle's highest battlements. There, she threw herself to her death on the rocks beneath.

Tragically her lover returned soon afterwards and was inconsolable to hear the fate that had befallen his love. Though legend does not say what happened to him, the Princess is said to return to the castle every seven years. Dressed in a gown of pink, she wanders the castle before gliding to the beach, where she stares sadly out to sea, forever awaiting the return of her lost love.


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