Armstrong shield

The Laidley Wyrme
& The Toad In The Keep

Step back in time over 1500 years to the days of Anglo Saxon England. King Ida the Flame-bearer rules the kingdom of Northumbria with his queen. Together, they have a daughter Margaret famed for her great beauty and a son, Childewynd. They live happy and protected in the mighty wooden fortress of Bamburgh. But Ida's wife dies and he becomes besotted with an evil witch Behoc and marries her. Deeply jealous of her beautiful step-daughter, Behoc casts a spell on Margaret turning her into a ferocious fire-breathing dragon known as the Laidley Wyrme.

Laidley WyrmeNews of this terrifying dragon reaches Childewynd who returns home from abroad to slay the beast. Landing ashore on the beach before the castle, he finds the dragon rampaging through the village bellowing fire from its huge nostrils and lashing the ground with its monstrous tail.

Childewynd lifts his sword and is about to plunge it into the dragon's throat when he hears the creature speak to him in his sister's voice, begging him to kiss her. Scarcely knowing what he is doing, Childewynd kisses the dragon which vanishes and instead before him stands his sister. Hand in hand they run to the castle to confront the wicked stepmother.

wellThough she pleads for mercy, Childewynd curses wicked Behoc. And before their very eyes she turns into a toad, doomed to live at the bottom of the well in the castle keep.

Maidens beware. According to legend Behoc crawls out of the well every seven years to seek revenge on any innocent young lady who falls within her reach.


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